About Mill Capital

Our Firm

Mill Capital Management is a private investment advisory and management firm. We are based in historic Concord, NC which owes its growth and prosperity to its mill town roots.

Our focus is generational wealth management, including charitable trusts.  We honor our clients’ deep roots as we design a pathway to their goals and dreams.

We have deep roots, too.  Our core team members have worked together in North Carolina for 20+ years.

Our process is tailor built, because that’s what our clients want, need, and deserve.


Our Clients

Each client’s financial objectives are like an intricate puzzle-and we love a good puzzle.

We’ll walk you through the process with some easy conversations.  We relish diving into the discovery phase with new clients as much as keeping up with our long-term clients.

Though our firm itself is newly formed, many families have been with our advisors for more than one generation.

What makes these relationships special?  Connections that are more personal than typical.

Mill Capital Management

Our Investment Process: Tailored to You


Your family is one of a kind.  You’ve built wealth…and values.

Bottom line:  Your investment needs don’t fit neatly in a box.

Neither does our advice.


We are tax and fee conscious, seeking to preserve wealth at every turn.

We don’t confuse clients with a complex (and unnecessary) investment strategy.


We take a long-term, equity-focused approach in constructing investment portfolios.

Our portfolios emphasize high-quality, value-oriented companies that are competitively advantaged in their respective industries.

In times of uncertainty, we know that it’s critical to maintain a disciplined approach and a longer-term perspective to achieve financial success. Our diversified investment strategies and wealth management services are designed to help you do that.

Financial & Estate Planning

Our advisors develop a deep understanding of clients’ goals and objectives to formulate a customized financial plan tailored to each individual situation.  The planning process includes conversations about tax, estate, and insurance strategies.

A significant part of any financial plan is developing a cash flow strategy that meets a client’s income and expense needs.  We will assist in assessing your current and future needs and formulating a strategy to meet those objectives.

Our advisors will coordinate and review any documentation such as wills and trust agreements in coordination with your legal and tax advisors.

We will assist with managing fiduciary and trustee services including establishing external trust company relationships where a corporate trustee is needed.



At Mill Capital, we aim to develop long-term, multigenerational relationships.  We believe the foundation of a relationship is built on trust.  Open communication helps to ensure you feel comfortable and secure with the Mill Capital team.

Our team is dedicated to delivering you the best possible financial planning and wealth management solutions.

Mill Capital Management

Why We Love Our Jobs

We love solving puzzles and creating lasting solutions for our clients. We love bringing clarity to estate planning, financial planning, trust planning, family or small business succession planning, charitable giving and investing.

Ready to build and preserve family wealth for generations?

That’s what we’re here for. It’s our joy, our why and our mission. Reach out to any of us personally, or email info@millcapitalmgmt.com

Mill Capital Management